I started this blog as part of a class project.  When I was in college the first time, 30 years go, we hand wrote assignment or used a typewriter!  Now, in my 2nd masters program in the last 3 years, I am using an iPad to connect to the university that is 2 hours away and to the world!

Without the distractions of cute guys, dorm and frat parties, and moonshine (hey…I did go to college in southern Virginia), perhaps I will retain what I learn!


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  1. wchalmers says:

    Funny about the first time through college and the new technology. When I was in undergraduate school, computers were just coming out..few people had any in their rooms..some did have Word Processors which were just fancy type writers sometimes with a small screen. I had a typewriter! I remember going to the library one night to “type” on the computer my paper…the computer beeped at me…and not understanding technology I was worried that I would somehow hit something wrong and screw up everyone’s work on all the computers…i returned to sit in the hall way into the wee hours of the morning typing my paper! 🙂 I can’t even imagine doing that now! I don’t even like writing with pen and paper!

  2. dvyarbrough says:

    I used the hell out of white out and loved when I had finally the typewriter ribbon that allowed me to backspace and retype!

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