This video features Dr. Michael Davis, Special Assistant to the Provost for Strategic Initiatives at Virginia Commonwealth University, speaking briefly about VCUs ACE-It in College program. ACE-IT in College is a demonstration project to fully include students with intellectual and developmental disabilities who graduate school with an IEP diploma into all aspects of campus life. Students earn a certificate from the School of Education after completing a minimum of 21 credit hours and an internship. There is no special curriculum or courses developed just for students with disabilities — they are fully included in classes that they choose from the VCU course catalog and are supported by a fellow student (called an education coach).

The video below also features Dr. Davis, but includes captioning – making it accessible to those who are blind or visually impaired.


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  1. drfrannie says:

    Wonderful examples Dana. I especially enjoyed your comments about your daughter and her challenges in using certain types of media. That’s why we promote UDL – framework that focuses on options and opportunities for all learners. Your inclusion of Dr. Davis at VCU was also a great piece with both captioned and non-captioned examples. Well done!

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