At a time when society enjoys unprecedented access to information at the click of a button, how come our disability service system does such a poor job of ensuring people with disabilities make decisions based on informed choice?

Informed choice cannot be made simply by the presentation of information. There is a human element involved, like options counseling. How do we ensure that we are truly listening to the person? How do we present information in an unbiased manner when it is human nature to have biases? Have we asked ourselves “am I trying to influence the person’s decision?” Am I protecting the person from making a bad choice? Can I do justice presenting all of the information and choices if I have personal and professional experience in only one area of specialty? Am I oversimplifying or generalizing the information if I try to present all the options?


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  1. dvyarbrough says:

    I had to post on my own blog… Years ago I worked as an inclusion specialist in a private preschool that used the Reggio Emila approach. This model of teaching is based on children exploring the learning environment and teaching to what interests them. The teacher and students collaborate in learning; the environment is recognizes as an educator; and all the student’s learning is visually documented thru portfolios. I can remember a class of 3 year olds making a movie about the solar system because one student saw a space shuttle lift off. The Va Dept of Ed is instituting that beginning in 8th grade, all students (reg ed, sped) have a transition/career building portfolio. Now, if we can just get CTE, guidance counseling, principals, and teachers all on the same page of access to information for all students we’d be set!

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